Labor Market Insights: Highlights Across EMEA & APAC

Data-driven insights for strategic business and talent decisioning

Now more than ever, business leaders need data and insights to make the best workplace and workforce decisions for their organizations. Our report compiles jobs data and analysis, delivering strategic insights on how markets across Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, and Switzerland are responding to the pandemic and what we can expect going forward.

EMEA and APAC Labor Market Insights

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Leveraging data and insights for better talent and business decision-making

With the COVID-19 pandemic among us, it’s important for business leaders to think strategically about how to solve for the workforce and workplace challenges coming at us each week. Updated with May jobs report data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this report offers data-driven insights to help businesses approach those decisions using the most recent market data and analysis available.

Download the report for:

  • Requisition data, indicating where business levels are trending

  • Countries showing signs of stabilization

  • Insight into where there are signs of recovery in the European Union

  • Predictions on which roles are growing along with those that continue to trend downward

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