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Three Talent Engagement Technologies for a Virtual, Changed World

There’s never been a more critical time for businesses to be forward-thinking in their approach to how work gets done. From addressing business continuity plans and preparedness efforts to remote working, virtual onboarding, and new ways to engage and retain talent, there’s a lot to do.

And while some changes will serve as a temporary prevention measure to minimize risk, others will have a lasting impact on how companies access the skills and talent they need to drive positive business outcomes.

The resources linked below share three talent engagement technologies for a changed world of work, focused on video interviewing, automated onboarding, and in-house video production. We hope you find them useful. At the end of the day, no matter how you rethink or redesign your workforce strategy, it’s people and their well-being who will always come first. Stay safe and healthy!

For help navigating talent technology choices and evolving workforce strategies, be sure to contact your program leader.


  • Quick Guide: A 2-page guide to video interviewing, automated onboarding, and in-house video production.

  • Article: In “Three Talent Engagement Technologies for a New World of Work,” AGS Head of Strategy Bruce Morton reveals how companies are finding ways to take the sting out of isolation, especially when engaging with new talent.

  • Video (below): Morton shares technologies that are more available and accessible than ever to help companies navigate virtual recruitment and onboarding.


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